Our AccompliTrack launch event was held at Brickyard Innovation Lab in Greenville, SC on Thursday, September 13. We invited the startup community, fellow growth-minded professionals, and representatives from local professional associations to celebrate the successful launch of AccompliTrack, the newest app for goal and accomplishment tracking.

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Our Co-Founder, Emily Yutzy opened with a few words about how professionals will benefit from AccompliTrack especially when it comes time to justify a request for a raise or promotion in a performance review.

“With AccompliTrack there’s no need to panic. Everything is there. You will not only be able to justify a raise request but perhaps even more importantly, you will be able to constantly track your career progress. Make certain you are on track to meet your personal career goals and have all the information you need to update your resume at any time.”
– Emily Yutzy, Co-Founder & CMO

Our primary founder, Jon DeMerrseman, announced plans to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the next release of AccompliTrack. Backers will be able to vote for future product features and functionality. To promote the campaign, he released the newest video that will be used on Indiegogo. The video details the founders’ belief that a person’s life is most fulfilling and productive when their work is closely aligned to their strengths, experience, and passions.

Watch the video here:

Produced by: Other Vision Studios

A demo station provided a variety of devices for guests to try AccompliTrack for themselves.

“I especially like how the tool not only focuses on building resumes but also allows me to track hard data. I can show my value to an employer for every phase of my career journey.”
-Jimmy Burk

Attendees found time to network and mingle during the launch party. Many guests also took advantage of the photographer taking complimentary, professional headshot images for their Linkedin profiles. We closed the night with door prizes and gave away a Hidrate Spark smart water bottle to five lucky attendees.

A big thank you goes to our community for your kindness, support, and encouragement. We are so pleased to capture and share photos from the night, thanks to Carter Tippins Photography!

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