Who We Are

AccompliTrack was born from the belief that the closer your work is aligned with your strengths, experience, and interests, the more satisfied you’ll be in your career.  Given how much time the average person will devote to work over the course of her life, enjoying your work will significantly contribute to your satisfaction in life.  We believe that when you find a vocation that fits your natural gifts, your professional skills, the things you are passionate about, and, ideally, which you feel make a difference, that work can be deeply meaningful and rewarding rather than monotonous drudgery.  

Our goal is is to develop tools that help you manage your career to constantly create that alignment.  AccompliTrack by Vocati is a desktop and mobile app that lets professionals track goals and accomplishments so they’re always prepared for periodic reviews or résumé updates.

Jon DeMersseman, FounderJon DeMersseman, Founder

Jon believes that each person has been created by God with a set of strengths, talents, and interests. His personal mission is to help people live more fulfilled lives by using those gifts in their daily work. He says, “I want to help each person find what that role is for themselves. I want organizations to be healthier because they have people who are successful — because they love where they work and what they do, and because the organization values them and they create value for the organization.”

Jon has traveled the world, first serving as a Russian linguist in the Army and then exploring other cultures for pleasure. As he met people across the globe, listening to their stories, he found that those who seem the happiest are living out their personal mission in their work — whatever that work may be.

With an extensive background in IT, Jon has worked for companies in IT services, restaurants, and clinical research, and he was hired by Amazon to launch their Spartanburg facility’s IT department. Jon lives with his wife, Kim, and four children on a small hobby farm outside Greer, South Carolina, where they raise a flock of Icelandic sheep.

Emily Yutzy, Co-FounderEmily Yutzy

Emily has encountered forks in the road of her career path — forks where she had to choose from two very different options. Her decision-making process has always involved looking inward to determine which option resonated with her talents and purpose. Part of her personal mission statement is to “improve the lives of others by sharing what I’ve learned throughout my journey.”

Emily brings her passion for mentoring to the work she does with AccompliTrack. Her goal is to help people holistically manage their careers, taking their career journeys in directions that are authentic to who they are and what they aspire to.

With 20 years of marketing experience behind her, Emily leads AccompliTrack’s branding and marketing strategies. She focuses on market research, branding, and inbound marketing. Her hometown is Pittsburgh, she grew up in Raleigh, and she now lives in Simpsonville, South Carolina, with her husband and two boys